Rental Pricing

$100 refundable deposit returned after 48 business hours when you return the completed Camp Frances Check-out cleaning procedures and with no damage found and return of key to City Hall


Camp Frances Rental Fees

  •  One day rent includes overnight: Arrive at 11am & leave by 9am following morning =   $70
  •  Friday and Saturday: arrive at 11am Fri., leave by 9 am Sunday = $120
  •  Saturday and Sunday: arrive at 11am Sat, leave by 9 am Monday = $120
  •  Friday, Saturday and Sunday: arrive at 11am Friday, leave by 9 am Monday = $170
  •  Multiple days during the week: 1st day $70, each additional day $50
  •  Monday through Friday: $190, add in Sat. and Sun. $250 total

If you require additional information about pricing or the rental process please email us by clicking HERE