Guidelines for Use of Camp Frances

To make your stay at Camp Frances a pleasant one, and to help preserve Camp Frances for the enjoyment of others, we ask all to follow these simple rules:


  • Please only drive and park in designated areas (DO NOT DRIVE ON GRASS)
  • At least one responsible adult must accompany and supervise all youth groups.
  • Please leave items already in the cabin in the cabin and be sure to take your personal belongings with you. We are not responsible for items left behind.
  • There is no telephone at the cabin so plan to bring your own cell phone.
  • Turn furnace down to 55 degrees before you leave.
  • DO NOT REMOVE SCREENS FROM WINDOWS¬† or install AC units in windows.
  • DO NOT ATTACH anything to interior walls, ceiling, doors, trim, fans, lights or cabinets. This includes tape, staples, pins, tacks, nails, glue etc.
  • Do not use fireplace as chimney has been capped off.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at Camp Frances and throughout Bennett Park.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the cabin and please pick up any cigarette butts left outside.
  • No sanitary napkin, tampons or similar items may be flushed in the toilet.
  • Make sure cabin is locked before you leave.
  • Return the key to City Hall, 111 E. Lawrence Avenue, Charlotte, MI.
  • Cleaning supplies are under the sink in the kitchen and broom and mop are located in the bathroom, please clean, sweep & mop before departing.
  • NO PETS allowed inside of cabin or anywhere on Camp Frances property.
  • Upon departing please take trash with you.
  • Before having any fires outdoors YOU MUST call the fire department for a permit at 517-543-0241
  • Any fires outdoors MUST be done inside the fire ring, away from trees and building. DO NOT cut down any trees, you may use existing wood that may be lying around. YOU MUST make sure fire is completely extinguished prior to your departure.