Camp Frances is NOW open for rentals . Please call Mikayla Densmore at Charlotte City Hall, 517-543-8841, to reserve your dates and schedule a time to complete the necessary paperwork, etc. Please check back regularly to this website and/or our Facebook page for updates and changes. We look forward to welcoming you back to our little gem in the woods!

June at Camp Frances

Unfortunately at this time we have to keep camp closed for the entire month of June. We hope this allows folks to make thier plans ahead of time.

We are all up in the air about the future and what things will look like in another month but we remain cautiously optimistic and ask folks to do the same.

We are all in this together. ❤❤

Camp Reunion

Hey ALL of you who were in Camp Fire Girls or Girl or Boy Scouts —– what about a gathering for all who were in a kids group that used Camp Frances in the past!

 We could have an Open House, share articles and things from the past when Camp Frances was primarily used for kids groups.

A time to reminisce , look at old pictures and articles! A time to CELEBRATE the good times we had at Camp!!!! 
Have a bonfire, some food and drink and fun conversation!
Please let us know if you would be interested in gathering for a reunion!!!!😊 Call your friends, call or write us, share your memories and ideas with us!
We have been working hard the last few years to clean the old Camp up, come see it, spend some time with old friends!
As soon as we hear some interest, we will start planning!!!!!

Happy 2018 !!

Welcome to a fresh new year, your chance to try new things, change your lifestyle and experience things you have never done before. What a perfect time to check out Camp Frances!

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby showers and so many more possibilities, your only limited by your imagination.

2017 saw so many wonderful updates at Camp Frances, you really need to see it!

Escape from mainstream event places and take your spot in nature, come on, give us a look! You won’t be disappointed. Call 517-543-2750 for reservations or to find out how you can get into the cabin to take a look.